Top in-demand IT skills in 2023

  After the massive hit of Covid 19, the entire world changed. Every industry has tried to adopt the online business model. With this, the demand for IT has increased and has been in demand too much. Many people are confused about choosing the field of IT and there are a lot of questions about which skill should I choose. Don't worry, we will talk about Top in-demand IT skills in this post. 

Top in-demand IT skills in 2022

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What is Information technology IT?

Information technology IT is the use of computers to create, process, store, retrieve and exchange all kinds of electronic data and information. IT is typically used within the context of business operations as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies. IT is considered a subset of information and communication technology. 

Top In-demand IT skills

Now let's briefly go through the most in-demand types of skills in today's IT industry. Of course, each of them requires special training, gaining skills in programming and professional preparations. 

1. Cloud Engineering

2. Data scientist

3. Blockchain Developer

4. Quantitative Analyst

5. DevOps Engineer

1. Cloud Engineering

Many businesses and companies have migrated their data to the cloud and enabled remote access to their apps, data and systems. This process is managed by the cloud engineer and this process is called cloud engineering. A cloud engineer is an IT professional who is responsible for technological duties which are associated with cloud computing, including design, planning, management and support. A cloud engineer must have deep knowledge about software development and scripting languages with Broad experience. The position of cloud engineer can be broken into multiple positions. 

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud software engineer
  • Cloud security engineer
  • Cloud system engineer
  • Cloud network engineer

Companies that hire cloud engineers are often looking to deploy cloud services and their understanding of cloud-related technology. A cloud engineer needs to be familiar with programming languages like java, python and Ruby. Many companies and organizations looking to hire cloud engineers which are having with Openstack, Linux, Rackspace, Google compute engine, Microsoft Azure, Docker and Amazon Web Services. 


A cloud engineer must be having a degree or Bachelor's/Master in computer science, engineering or another related field. Professionals with 3 to 5 years of experience with cloud services including open source technology and software development are in High demand. 

Average Salary

According to Economic Research Institute $120,744 per year in the USA. 

2. Data scientist

Data science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract insights from data. So we can say that the role of a data scientist is to evaluate the outcomes of processing and data analysis to get actionable plans for businesses and companies.  

Types of data scientist

There are 2 types of data scientists at least. 

1st type is the designer of new analytic methods. 

Data science is an open-ended problem and new methods for data analysis are created every day. You can choose to become a creator of a new algorithm if you have a strong analytical mind, strong background in programming and the habit of designing new analytical solutions. The work of this type goes beyond the algorithms and ends up in creating new theorems and designing new estimates.  Large IT firms seek such people and ask them to create new algorithms and fundaments for innovation on a larger scale. It's extremely rewarding to discover new methods and watch others apply them to your work. 

2nd type is the designer of new products and services.

2nd type of data scientist relates to those who apply methods in new applications and in new combinations. The work of 2nd type data scientist goes beyond algorithms and has much to do with business intelligence. No need to say that this type of data scientist is also highly desired in the market. 

Salary of data scientist

The average salary of an entry-level data scientist is $69,000 per year in the USA. A mid-level data scientist in the USA earns $89,000 per year. 

3. Blockchain Developer

The blockchain industry is one of the fastest-growing branches of IT. It is one of the most promising software development concepts that changed the way to store and transfer data completely. Blockchain technology is no longer limited to cryptocurrencies and digital payments. Now blockchain can be used in different types of industries like building decentralised internet, securing records of patient data, collecting records of owners and property in real estate and publishing public certificates in the education department. 

As per data science, there are also 2 types of blockchain development. The 1st group is about to design blockchain protocols and architectures. This is sort of a fundamental blockchain development that requires a deep understanding of cryptography, computer science and game theory. 

The 2nd group of blockchain developers are designers of blockchain applications. This type of blockchain development requires programming skills and business intelligence without diving deep into the structure and philosophy behind the blockchain. 

The key responsibilities of blockchain developers are to integrate new tools and technology to optimize and secure the applications. They need to implement the latest technology in the field of blockchain and cryptography. They have to design new blockchain applications. 

Salary of Blockchain Developers

The average salary of a blockchain developer in the US is about $143,000 and $73.33 per hour. The entry-level blockchain developer can earn up to $121,875 and the most experienced person can make up to $180,000 per year. 

4. Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative Analysts are in higher demand in the trading sector. A Quantitative Analyst applies mathematics and statistics to finance-related problems. He can have a vetting set of responsibilities such as systematic trading, financial research and managing risks. Clearly, mathematical finance is a good area of research, but probability, stochastic calculus, statistical analysis and machine learning are all highly valued. The main benefit of a PhD course is that the firm will understand your capacity for independent research, without the need for being excessively "micro-managed". These skills are most useful in top-tier funds, where a research atmosphere is often cultivated. 

Salary of a quantitative analyst

Quantitative analysis is one of the best jobs in the IT industry. According to the research, the annual salary of quantitative analysts is $99,929 per year. 

5. DevOps Engineer

DevOps is the concept that allows the dividing wall to be torn down. If the Devs understand the operation sides of things and the Ops team understand what is happening on the other side. They can work together to smooth things and we can merge DevOps. DevOps is the culture, automation, tooling and process which has given us the ability to do things like deploying hundreds of times each day. 

It's also known as the backbone of any software company. Their responsibilities are very Broad including developing the test, releasing, updating and supporting the proceedings. They need to collaborate and communicate across teams and consumers. 

The average salary of a DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineering is the best field in the IT industry. According to the research, the average pay in this profession is between $105,017 and $126,301 per year.

There are still a lot of industries which you can explore according to your interest and can learn.